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EM Architects wins prestigious award Prix Versaille Award

Edwin Mintoff Architects have been awarded the European Prix Versailles UNESCO World Architecture & Design Award for their restoration of the Macina, which is

now the Cugó Gran Macina hotel in Senglea.   

The prize was announced by the secretariat of the Prix Versailles, in association with UNESCO and with the International Union of Architects (UIA). The firm was the prize in the Exterior Hotel Design category. The Prix Versailles is awarded in recognition of the best projects around the world and the winners are rewarded for their “extraordinary architecture and design”.

The secretariat summarised the award process by reiterating its mission statement:

“Inspiration, Progress and Inclusion: the Prix Versailles continues to pursue its mission of making architecture and design into tools for sustainable development with its various components: ecology and society and culture.”

Through Edwin Mintoff Architects’ design, the structure has now been restored with new purpose, to serve the Senglea area in a different way.

EM Architects have already been awarded the the Din l-Art Helwa prize for ‘The Rehabilitation and Re-Use of Buildings’ and the Malta Architect Award in ‘Hospitality, Tourism Accommodation and Leisure’ for this project.

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