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EM Architect wins Din L-Art Helwa Award!

This week, EM Architects were awarded the Din l-Art Helwa Prix d’Honneur Award for our Domus Zamittello project in Valletta, in the Category for the Rehabilitation and Re-Use of Buildings.

Within the Category for the Rehabilitation and Re-Use of Buildings, the judges were unanimous in their decision to award the Prix d’Honneur to “Domus Zamittello”. This challenging project saw the conversion of a palatial Valletta house into a luxury boutique hotel over the course of no less than 15 years, when parts of the original property were re-acquired and re-integrated into the building, thus reversing the fragmentation that had occurred in the past. This allowed for the rehabilitation of the palazzo as a whole, including all the facades, which have contributed towards the urban renewal of its surroundings.

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