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About us

The award-winning firm was founded over thirty years ago by Dr. Edwin Mintoff, an architect and civil engineer who became one of the first Maltese architects to obtain a doctorate Ph.D. in the field of architecture and urban design. The firm now offers a wide range of services including land use and environmental planning, urban design, architectural and interior design, civil, road and structural engineering, land and quantity surveying as well as cost consultancy, both in Malta and well as overseas.

The firm's design philosophy is heavily based on producing a seamless design which incorporates the principles of urban architecture. We believe that attention to detail in all fields of design is of the utmost important, and that is why within our offices we have a full on team of architects, urban planners, interior designors, structural engineers and technicians. We look to design not just the building themselves but to consider the new spaces that are created between buildings. 

Our Founder.

Dr. Edwin Mintoff


Tel: +356 21237401

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