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FIMbank Complex

In 2009, Edwin Mintoff Architects was charged with the task of designing Fimbank's headquarters in Pendergardens. Numerous other factors taken into consideration in the design stage included location, aesthetics, functionality, air quality, energy efficiency and also the building's long-term sustainability and environmental performance.

A number of distinct architectural and interior design concepts were presented to the bank prior to the choice of the final design - a building that incorporates clean, visual design lines that best communicate Fimbank's strategic, global corporate vision in an architectural form. The building's façade was designed to maximize the use of natural light while minimizing heat gain. EM Architect’s designers created an interesting play between solid and void by varying the size and location of glazed openings within the facade. The variation in positioning and arrangement of the openings was inspired by the composition of typical Maltese dwelling facades as well as the variation in the Malta urban landscape. All interior details were carefully considered so as to create strong, clean lines that would serve to enhance the corporate identity of the client in the entirety of the building.

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