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Hotel Verdi

Hotel Verdi is our very latest hotel project to be completed and which EM Architects project spearheaded from concept stage through to completion, whereby we focused on the external architecture element and morphology together with the design detail of the building in order to provide unique experience of anyone who entered the building.

Inspired by the history of Giuseppe Verdi, the colour scheme chosen was a grayscale colour scheme to tie the guest back to the time period of Verdi around the mid-1800s when life was seen ‘in black and white’ but introduced a red accent colour (linked to the opera theatre curtains and décor) together with brass (linked to the musical instruments). This colour scheme, that of a monochrome concept with soothing mute grey colours was also chosen to create a tranquil effect within the building suited on the busy Gzira stand, with playful accent colours included to provide a contrast.


Our design also saw the introduction of various sustainable design elements such as a ventilated façade system which provides a marble cladding is as seen externally, but also offers numerous benefits which are not visible to the eye but which include in particular increased thermal insulation and reduced energy usage.We also took into consideration the site's proximity to the residential area behind and introduced a stepped terrace design so as to maintain a smooth transition towards the residential zone.


Overall, the project design pays close attention to the detail and effectively responds to the client’s needs, the site context and limitations together with the intended use. As a result, the design not only meets functional requirements, but also enhances the experience of the building’s users whilst adding value to the built environment even when see from outside.

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