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 The building in question concerns an old brewery which had frontage on different streets, of Farsons Street and St. Cajetan Street, in Ħamrun. The building complex was left in a state of disrepair, abandoned and unsafe, a place where vagrants would enter to engage in anti-social behaviour with areas whereby the original structural integrity of the building had been lost and much of the stone had been left untreated and thus had severely deteriorated.  Parts of the building were missing and many of the original apertures had been closed through the years, thus rendering the original volume distorted and unsymmetrical. It was an eyesore for the Ħamrun inhabitants and a perilous place to enter. Through EM Architects’ design, the building was transformed as a mixed-use complex consisting of commercial offices, shops and residential units to serve the community in a different way. 

This project was awarded a commendation awarded by Din L-Art Ħelwa, in the category of "Adaptation of historical buildings to new uses"

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