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Domus Zamitello

It is of upmost important to safeguard the architectural heritage that is our capital city Valletta and additionally EM Architects feel that this city can only survive if it adjusts to contemporary conditions. This is why for us urban architecture is of the utmost importance, so as to create a new layer in Valletta’s history which respects the old but is conscious of the new. With this philosophy, EM Architects embarked on the design of this palazzo which dates back to the eighteenth century located in a prime location of Valletta. Its restoration has contributed significantly towards the urban renewal of Valletta and in particular to its immediate surroundings. 


The entire façade stonework had to be completely restored, metal inserts removed and joints raked out and re-pointed. The elevation along South Street was in a perilous structural condition due to war damage compounded with subsequent civil works. Our design incorporated arches, so as to reinstate structural stability whilst simultaneously emulating the original building façade. The existing courtyard had previously been covered by a temporary structure, and our design decision was to maximize the daylight and natural cross-ventilation that could be gained from an open courtyard. A retractable glass cover was designed, so that the hotel could enjoy the sustainable and aesthetic benefits of the courtyard whilst ensuring shelter from rain.

This project was awarded the Planning Authority award for Conservation Architecture 2018.

This project was shortlisted for the Premju Galizia 2018 Awards.

This project was awarded the Din L-Art Helwa Award in the Category for the Rehabilitation and Re-Use of Buildings in 2020.

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