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American University of Malta
Dock no.1

EM Architects were entrusted with the complete architectural, interior and structural design of Malta's first private university at Dock no.1 in Malta. Our design process began by first analyzing the urban regeneration of the entire area and by focusing on the restoration of the existing buildings which were in a state of complete abandonment and disrepair. We needed to accommodate new University uses whilst simultaneously respecting the intrinsic historic fabric of the building. These new uses had to be accommodated within volumes that respected the existing buildings. This was achieved by emphasizing the existing horizontality of the buildings and reducing the height of any new floors and by complementing the existing interiors. Much of our interior design centered on producing an industrial design with exposed services and structural elements. The original British Building was designed by Willaim Scamp between 1841-1844 and the Knights Building was commissioned by GM Adrien Wignacourt in 1689, making the buildings an integral part of the Three Cities varied history, which is why it is of the utmost important that the buildings are repaired and restored. 

EM Architects were presented with two commendation awards at the Planning Authority MASP Awards 2019 in the category of Internal Architecture for Commercial projects and in the category of Rehabilitation and Conservation Architecture for our British Building American University of Malta project!

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