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Aqualuna lido

EM Architects were the architects & civil engineers who spearheaded this project from concept phase to completion. Concept designs original began more than twenty years ago, with an ambitious goal, to create an exciting lido complex on the Sliema Strand, through land reclamation. EM Architects collaborated with Carlo Schembri x which ultimately resulted in a project which enhances the guest experience of any visitors whilst also adds to the touristic value of the surrounding area.

Our project sought to extend the existing promenade and in fact to increase the overall public amenity. In fact, one of the first design decisions taken was to ensure that the promenade would remain open and accessible to the public at all times, whilst simultaneously increasing the amenities available to various existing hotels as well as promoting tourism within an already popular area. The existing public open space was due for some upgrading, and this was kept in mind whilst designing the development, which consists of a new semi-private lido area with a swimming pool, two restaurants, and open public areas including a children’s play area. Whilst upgrading the existing pavement and public areas, we also introduced new landscaping as well.

A cantilevered triangular overhang serves to provide a shading effect which is very important during the warm Maltese summer months. The lido and pool are located within the centre of the project, and we ensured here to leave an open and transparent space, thus letting passers-bys enjoy the sea-view.

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